Payments Network Malaysia Sdn Bhd (PayNet), FPX services are schedule to be temporarily unavailable

Dagang NeXchange Berhad (“DNeX”), through wholly-owned subsidiary Global Market eCommerce Sdn Bhd (“GMeC”), has signed an agreement to develop a Halal Hub in the Philippines.

Due to power supply maintenance – Careline contacts 1 300 133 133 & careline@dagangnet.com will not be reachable from: Saturday 30 June 2018 (16:00hours to 20:00hours)

Application to add item at ePermit & NewePermit System


Technical issue at MSC Trust gate has been resolved

Delayed approval for ePermit STA applications.

DNeX set to continue business expansion

Dagang NeXchange Berhad (“DNeX”) is set to continue expanding on its business through executing planned initiatives, and exploring opportunities that leverage on existing business building blocks.

Effective 1st June 2018, any inquiries and complaints are to be channeled to biedmaqis@gmail.com