EAI-Direct Connect Program

Customised interface for smooth operations

Companies and organisations with large amount of data that needs to be prepared and submitted to the authorities, agencies or other relevant parties can benefit from direct connectivity between their in-house systems and Dagang Net Technologies Sdn Bhd (Dagang Net) with those of the transacting parties.

Direct Connect enables the data from the customers’ backend system to be transferred to Dagang Net and channelled to the authorities’ systems. Almost all services under the NSW initiative are available for direct connectivity to Dagang Net. These services are ePCO, ePermit, eDeclare, eManifest and ePayment.

To allow the data to flow seamlessly, customers with in-house systems will require a tool to extract and translate data into a format understood by Dagang Net’s system. The customers will also require corresponding modules associated with Direct Connect as required by the authorities, such as printing and reporting modules.



Global Interchange Gateway (GIG)

To assist customers who are subscribed to the Direct Connect Program, Dagang Net has developed a tool called the Global Interchange Gateway (GIG). With GIG, data can be received in XML format from the customers’ backend system, bypassing the manual data entry for faster and accurate data transmission.

The following diagram depicts the connectivity between the customers’ backend and Dagang Net.

Boost Connection and Output with Dagang Net’s Global Interchange Gateway

Direct Connectivity
Bypass costly data entry software and cumbersome manual data entry. GIG improves work speed and data accuracy while reducing human error at the same time

Built-in Modules
Equipped with built-in modules such as printing, reporting, archiving and scheduling, GIG is designed to speed up workflow, increase productivity and save costs within clicks. Enhancement of the modules required by the authorities will be handled by Dagang Net

Enhanced Productivity
Automatic data integration from source system enables users to create and submit multiple regulatory forms quickly and accurately, all while saving time and cost

Data Integrity
Ensure and maintain data integrity with direct connectivity via a customised interface to systems of transacting parties

Cost Efficiency
Offered at no set up cost to the users to enjoy great savings from human resource capital, set up capital and typical Yearly Maintenance Fee costs.

Apart from the above feature, GIG could also act as a front end application for the preparation and submission on trade documentations to the authority. In the future, GIG will eventually replace the current front end applications provided by Dagang Net to the customers. The version of GIG to replace the current front end applications will have more features and enhanced security for the benefits of the customers.

GIG is currently available for Customs and manifest declaration modules. The modules to be available in GIG will be added from time to time. Modules in pipeline for GIG are Pre-Alert Manifest (PAM), manifest declarations for air community, Free Zone and Dangerous Goods modules.

For further information on Direct Connect Program, kindly call Dagang Net’s general number at 1300 133 133 or email to careline@dagangnet.com. System demonstration and discussion can be arranged upon request.