Pan Asian E-Commerce Alliance

Dagang Net Technologies Sdn Bhd is part of Pan Asian E-Commerce Alliance (PAA), an alliance formed by 11 service providers that are authorised by Customs and other trade regulatory agencies in their respective economies, and provide secure, trusted, reliable and value-adding IT infrastructure and services to facilitate trade globally.

PAA is an important regional alliance as it promotes an environment where businesses from its participating economies can look forward to uninterrupted cross-border trading, with ready acceptance of cross-border approvals and certification policy, secure and reliable paperless trade and transactions, and the convenience of working with the alliance as a single point of contact.

PAA was founded in 2000, and its current members comprise CAT of Thailand, CIECC of China, CrimsonLogic of Singapore, Dagang Net of Malaysia, InterCommerce of the Philippines, KTNET of Korea, NACCS of Japan, TEDMEV of Macao SAR, Tradelink of Hong Kong SAR, Trade-Van of Taiwan and PT EDI-I of Indonesia. Combined customer base of the PAA members now exceeds 340,000 organisations, representing almost all active trading enterprises in the Asian market. For more information about PAA, visit http://www.paa.net

Authorised Channel Partners

As a leading service provider of eServices for Trade Facilitation in Malaysia, Dagang Net strives to provide seamless, secure and effective trade solutions. Our customers exclusively enjoy our Service and Support Assurance, which is also extended to customers of our Authorised Channel Partners.

Dagang Net’s Authorised Channel Partners comprise DNeXPort Sdn Bhd, Mobile Force Software (M) Sdn Bhd, Buttonwood SmartLogistics Sdn Bhd and Crimson Logic eTrade Services Pte Ltd.

Dagang Net’s Service and Support Assurance is exclusive only to our customers or those of our Authorised Channel Partners.

So register today as a customer of Dagang Net or our Authorised Channel Partners to enjoy these privileges.