We welcome inclusion of measures outlined in the Budget Speech 2021 aimed at accelerating implementation of digitalisation in businesses. Budget 2021 identifies digitalisation and automation as key strategies to achieve long-term productivity in the country in efforts to speed up the country’s journey to become a high-income economy.

These measures include an allocation of RM1 billion under the digital transformation scheme for industry, and an additional fund of RM150 million for digitalisation and automation grant for small and medium enterprises. In addition, there is also continued commitment to introduce digital technology in delivery of public sector services to increase their speed and ease of use.

What is important is that disbursement of these funds can reach intended businesses in a timely manner especially when they are now facing with unprecedented situation with headwinds from multiple fronts including the Covid-19 pandemic.

These measures certainly come at the right time where businesses can leverage and step up the use of digital technology, which is emerging as a key solution for businesses especially when physical movements and physical contact are restricted.

Digitalising manual processes and documents helps increase accuracy, reduces error and saves time thus increasing productivity. In Trade Facilitation for example, where Dagang NeXchange Berhad (“DNeX”) is a leading provider of eServices, digitalisation can contribute towards increasing efficiency and reliability of trade processes, which of course is a key factor to boost trade for the country.

For DNeX, we will continue to step up efforts to help customers embrace digitalisation and we are committed to being part of customers’ journey in digitalisation. Having accumulated a strong track record in Trade Facilitation, DNeX has a competitive edge in making further headway in helping businesses digitalise trade processes.

Through our wholly-owned company Dagang Net Technologies Sdn Bhd, we currently manage and operate the National Single Window (“NSW”) for Trade Facilitation - a one-stop trade facilitation system linking the trading community with relevant Government agencies and various other trade and logistics parties through one single window, which allows for a seamless and transparent process. We have been undertaking this since 2009.

Leveraging on our subject matter expertise in Trade Facilitation, we have also developed SealNet which offers a web-based one-stop system that is designed to ease total cargo and trade management processes, connecting exporters and importers with all relevant parties, such as freight forwarders and customs, and enabling the exchange of trade data digitally.

In addition, we also provide end-to-end innovative services that allow connection and collaboration among governments, businesses and consumers leveraging on such technologies as blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data analytics and radio frequency identification. These include our more recent projects including re-engineering of the tax self-assessment system by the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia and infrastructure development services related to the public sector data centre in Putrajaya.

We are positioning DNeX as the digital trade facilitation partner for businesses and Government agencies towards improvements and efficiency in trade processes as well as ease of doing business in the country. Towards this end, DNeX looks forward to working closely with businesses and Government agencies in their digitalisation journey.

Dato’ Sri Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir
Group Managing Director
Dagang NeXchange Berhad
6 November 2020

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