Cyberjaya, 17 May 2020 – With restricted mobility, employers are turning to virtual interviews for hiring which can be daunting for graduates or job seekers. Like face-to-face interview, mastering the virtual interview is often the first step towards employment.

According to Mohd Ghaus Omar, Innovation Associates Consulting Sdn Bhd’s (“IAC”) Human Resource Head, to increase the likelihood of candidates being employed is having the technical skill in using the technology, a competency that today’s employers are looking for.

“It is important for candidates to ensure a stable Internet connection for the interview. It is frustrating when line is choppy. Also, please ensure that you download the application that you will be using for the online interview prior to interview date. I have had experience of candidates downloading or failing to download the application just before the interview begins,” he said.

Zety Zalina Mohd Zain, Dagang NeXchange Berhad’s Talent Acquisition Manager, echoed Ghaus’s salient tip for virtual interview, saying the key to a successful video interview is that candidates must be ready by equipping themselves with necessary technology tools and testing it beforehand.

Besides showing technical competency, candidates should also prepare like they would for a face-to-face interview.

“Ensure that you prepare just like you would for a live interview. Prepare appropriate answers to interview frequently asked questions as to not stumble during the online interview. A lot of online interviews are recorded so chances are any error or hesitation can be reviewed again and again,” Ghaus said.

Zety, on the other hand, said “Candidates must ask relevant or smart questions to show your interest as it will also show that you have done the research on the job and the company that you are seeking employment at.”

“It is also important for candidates to be natural during the interview. Be naturally yourself as it will help to eliminate the feeling of nervousness of meeting unknown faces in interviews,” she said.

However, candidates should avoid “overselling” themselves as it will reduce the chances of being employed, she added.

With restricted mobility, recruiters can certainly leverage on digitalisation for process improvements such as Dagang Net eScroll, a blockchain-backed innovative platform for employers, graduates, universities and training providers to authenticate academic and training certificates.

Available through https://escroll.dagangnet.com/ and mobile application on Google Play Store, this service has a unique signature and time-stamped certificate that can eliminate forgery unlike traditional paper-based documents.

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