ePCO now comes with enhancements

ePCO, Dagang Net’s eService that allows customers to obtain Preferential Certificate of Origin in the form of an official online document, has introduced enhancements meant to improve approval turnaround time, eliminate fake certificates of origin and ultimately boost user experience.

The enhancements also include enhanced security features for higher transparency and reliability with the use of QR Code, Electronic Signature and Seal, and Digital Verification System for Importing Country Authority for verification and authorisation purposes.

With user experience being the company’s main focus, the enhancements are aimed at providing customers with improved system experience with automated process in place, higher efficiency on approval process, and improved system control with auto validation on business rules.

Dagang Net also has plans for more enhancements, currently in the works, on its other eServices for better user experience, noting that productivity is crucial to business success.

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