Dagang Net introduces Global Exchange Hub

Dagang Net Technologies Sdn Bhd has introduced Global Exchange Hub, an eService that accommodates exchange of electronic documents between traders and relevant authorities, aimed to help industry players and authorities save time and simplify processes thus leading to higher productivity.

The eService is able to electronically receive and send documents from source countries, authorities or systems such as Dagang Net’s ePCO, eDeclare and other service providers to the destination countries or receiving authorities in their accepted format.

Global Exchange Hub can serve as an intelligent component to accommodate exchange of documents in high volume by various parties in a simpler and faster way and at the same time promoting transparency and consistency.

The overall objective is to help reduce average clearance time per container for traders and boost higher productivity for relevant authorities. With its harmonisation feature, the eService is able to identify standard common data between documents, which enables data reusability for shorter clearance process time.

Global Exchange Hub’s features also include frequent checking on consistency of input for common data elements, which enables the eService to automatically pre-define transaction acceptance, based on rules set by the authorities.

Ultimately, Global Exchange Hub is aimed to create a more extensive impact by lowering cost of doing business and increasing efficiency in trade processes, leading to a more competitive trade environment and practices.

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