Ref No: NSW/DNT/20200730-002

Dear Valued Customers,

Warmest greetings from Dagang Net Technologies Sdn Bhd.


Reference made to the above subject, where this is to inform that Royal Malaysian Customs Department will be implemented new sales tax exemption facility known as the Approved Major Exporter Scheme (AMES) effective 3 August 2020.This exemption facility is available exclusively to the approved traders and manufacturers in Malaysia who are export-oriented (E.g., major exporters).

All Customs 1 (K1) and Customs 9 (K9) declaration Front-end software are requires to update the Sales Tax Exemption Code “AM” by the implementation date. As for Dagang Net declaration system (ALDEC, myCargo, eDeclare) has been updated with the new Approved Major Exporter Scheme (AMES) code “AM”. User just need to download the latest Sales Tax Exemption Type from lookup screen during the implementation date.

Please refer to the attached circular from RMCD (BTM) for further details.

Should you require more information, please reach out to our Careline at 1 300 133 133 or email careline@dagangnet.com

Thank You


Surat Pemakluman Pelaksanaan AMES

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