Ref No: DNT/ALDEC/20210303-001

Dear Valued Customers,

Warmest greetings from Dagang Net Technologies Sdn Bhd.


Please be informed that Dagang Net will be performing ALDEC upgrade version exercise as per the following details:

Date :  3rd March 2021 (today)
Time :  1300 - 1400 hours ((Kindly refrain from submitting any transactions  during this downtime window)
New Version :
New Features :
  1. Re-use Invoice value information for Amount Receive - K2 and K8
  2. Data insert at Mark's and No's support ENTER character, impact to data entry and printing - K1/K2/K3/K8/K9
  3. Customs station is no longer mandatory requirement for download job declaration process - K1/K2/K3/K8/K9
  4. Able to download job declaration with/without Supporting document information - K1/K2/K3/K8/K9
  5. To enhance existing Declaration job number text field for both single and multiple searches. - K1/K2/K3/K8/K9
  6. Search button in look up table.
  7. PDF file name format to be in HAWB-Job Number.
  8. Audit Trail to be open to all user level.


You may download the upgraded exe of the new version and the release notes from the following url: http://sda1.dagangnet.net/aldec/

Should you require more information, please reach out to our Careline at 1 300 133 133 or email careline@dagangnet.com.

Thank You

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