Enterprise Application Interface

Customised interface for smooth operations

Companies and organisations with large amount of data that needs to be processed and transacted with authorities, agencies and other relevant parties can benefit from a customised interface that can connect their in-house systems with those of the transacting parties.

Dagang Net’s customised interface for such application is called Enterprise Application Interface (EAI).

With Dagang Net’s EAI, customers can benefit from:

  • Reduced time, costs and complexity of integration
  • Assured data integrity
  • Customised and dedicated channels and delivery with back-end

There are currently four main EAI e-Services offered by Dagang Net namely EAI-ePCO, EAI-eDeclare, EAI-eManifest and EAI-ePayment.

EAI-ePCO is an e-Service that serves as an interface between the user’s in-house system and Dagang Net’s ePCO engine. It enables the user’s ePCO data from its in-house system to be auto populated to the ePCO system for submission to relevant authority ie Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Malaysia.

EAI-eDeclare, meanwhile, is an e-Service that enables the use of in-house data, and transforming that data for the purpose of Customs declarations submission. This e-Service eliminates the need to separately prepare Customs declaration in other system.

EAI-eManifest is an e-Service that enables the submission of data from the user’s in-house system to eManifest engine. Available modules are for the Ship Berth Application (CUSREP) and Shipping Manifest (CUSCAR) submissions to the authority.

EAI-ePayment is an e-Service that allows preparation and submission of electronic payment instructions direct to ePayment system in Dagang Net for payment of Customs duties and other payments available under this service.