Enterprise Application Interface
Seamless trade data submission with Global Interchange Gateway

Global Interchange Gateway (GIG) is a tool developed by Dagang Net to enable direct connectivity from customer’s back end system to Dagang Net for onward connectivity to Customs or relevant approving agency for exchange and processing of trade documents.

With GIG, customers can enjoy key benefits including :

Direct Connectivity
Users with large amount of data that needs to be processed and transacted with authorities, agencies and other relevant parties can benefit from a customised interface that can connect their in-house systems directly to those of transacting parties.

Enhanced Productivity
Integration with source system allows data to be re-used automatically thus enabling users create multiple regulatory forms for faster, accurate and efficient data submissions, all while saving time and cost.   

Data Integrity
With direct connectivity via a customised interface to systems of transacting parties, users can effectively execute maintenance and assurance of data

Cost Efficiency
GIG is offered with no set up cost to users.  Thus, users will be able to enjoy great savings from software maintenance and subscription fee.