A New Way To Submit Your Manifests

Submit manifests quickly and easily

Have an office in Johor but need to make a submission in Penang? Need to assign berth numbers or issue SCN from wherever you are? Or monitor the number and types of vessel and the cargo calling at ports around the country?


The Electronic Manifest System (eManifest) is a comprehensive system that allows port users such as Principal Shipping Agents (PSA), Shipping Agents (SA), Freight Forwarders (FF) submit cargo manifests and vessel information to the respective authorities for validation and approval via the Internet.

How does eManifest help my business?

Improves operational efficiency in cargo data transfer
With better and more accurate data transfer, connecting different players in the shipping community more effectively and immediately.

  • One stop
    Other than providing information about your manifests, save time by having access to vital information such as location codes, port codes and other UN/EDIFACT codes, making documentation faster.
  • Accessible online
    eManifest is accessible as long as there is connection to the Internet, making it convenient to connect to.

I would like to begin using eManifest!

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