Announcement from Dagang Net - Readiness for ePCO Enhancement Deployment

Dear Valued Customers,

Kindly be informed that ePCO will be deployed with enhancements as per below:

1.       Enhanced  ATIGA on 14/8/2011
2.       Enhanced GSP, ACFTA, AKFTA, MJEPA and MPCEPA on 14/8/2011
3.       New schemes of AANZFTA and AIFTA - In production on 14/8/2011
4.       New schemes of MNZFTA and AJCEP - In production on 29/8/2011
Please take note that the data entry screens might differ from the current schemes available in ePCO as to improve the system features and performance.

Please visit - User Guides for more info on the enhancement which will be available in the system on the mentioned dates.

Thank You.