Billing FAQ


1. What is Bill?
Bill is issued to all DNT customers for monthly recurring transactional items.

2. What is Commercial Invoice?
Invoice is issued for one time charges for non-transactional items, i.e registration fee and technical support charges.

3. Why do we receive invoice with ‘payment received with thanks’ stamped on it?
This invoice is sent for payment made upfront, i.e registration fee, EFT device.

4. Do we need to pay again for the ‘payment received with thanks’ invoice?
No, payment had been made earlier.

5. What is statement of account?
Statement of account is a statement that shows all outstanding payment for each particular account.

6. What is DNT’s billing cycle?
26th until 25th of the following month.

7. How do we know our outstanding balance / amount to pay?
a. Refer to Total Amount (Total Carried Forward + Total for Current Month) at the front page of bill
b. Subscribe to Online Bill Presentment. You will be able to view what is your updated outstanding balance

8. How can we pay DNT’S bills?
You can refer to www.dagangnet.com under Bill Information or as follows:-

8.1  Mail
a. Mail a crossed cheque payable to Dagang Net Technologies Sdn Bhd to our address as stated in the bill
along with your payment slip
b. Provide a breakdown of accounts and respective amounts on the reverse of your cheque, particularly if a
single cheque payment is made for multiple accounts

8.2  Over-the-Counter Payment – we accept both cheque and cash
a. Alliance Bank (A/c No : 64199-0-01-001068-6)
b. Maybank (A/c No : 5641-2834-5075)

8.3 Internet/On-line Banking
a. iBayar at www.alliancebank.com.my 
b. BizChannel at www.bizchannel.com.my

8.4 Auto Teller Machine (ATM)
Biz-Express cards at Alliance Bank.

8.5 Online Bill Payment through FSPG
To be ready by July 2010.

9. We have DNT’s Maybank and Alliance Bank Account No. Can we pay through machine or deposit box?
No, we only allow payment over the bank’s counter. You are required to write your A/c No with DNT
HOBxxxxx/HOExxxx) and bill no (e.g UB12345) at the reference/description column. This information will be
captured when we download bank statement which facilitates the process of updating of this payment to your account.

10. I already make payment via online/over the counter. What should I do now?
If you had stated the above information (A/c No with DNT (HOBxxxxx/HOExxxx) and bill no (e.g UB12345)), you do not need to send us copy of the bank-in slip. Otherwise, please immediately fax a copy of your bank-in slip to 03-2713 2770 or e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

11. What if we do not send a copy of bank-in slip to DNT?
Failure to accommodate to the above requirements may cause delay in updating your payment.

12. What if we pay via machine?
Payment via machine will not capture required reference no (your A/c No with DNT (HOBxxxxx/HOExxxx) and bill no (e.g UB12345)). Therefore, your payment might not be taken into account.

13. Why is our payment not reflected in the bill?
a. Payment was banked-in through machine and bank-in slip is not faxed to us
b. Payment made after the cut-off date (25th)

14. We have made payment. Why we do not receive any RECEIPT?
You will get a RECEIPT if payment is made at Kedai EDI. Otherwise, RECEIPT will only be reflected in BILL if payment is mailed or banked-in to us. This is as per telecommunication industry practice.



What are the charges for this service?
It is free of charge.

Who can use this service?
This service is offered to all DNT customers.

How does this service benefit me?
The convenience of BPS can be summed up in these terms :
a. Online bill - View and download your invoice from the internet
b. Easy Access - No hassles in registration. It’s easy to do
c. Free of Charge - No charges for e-billing
d. Get access to Bill Presentment anytime, anywhere

How do I apply for this service?
Follow these simple steps :-
Step 1 – Log on to www.dagangnet.com
Step 2 – Download Online Bill Presentment Request Form
Step 3 – Complete the request form and return to Dagang Net via fax: 03-2713 2991 / 03-2713 2770 or email to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Step 4 – An email with new user ID & password will be sent to you to get started

If I am an existing Bill Presentment user, should I request for new ID?
No, you can use your existing ID and access to our BPS.

How should we access to Bill Presentment?

Am I being able to view my statements anytime?
You will be able to login and view your bills during the time BPS is available. You need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader version 9 (or above) to open the PDF files.

How many months’ statement history will be available in Online Bill Presentment?
You will be able to view the following:
a. Doc Type Time Period
b. Bills
c. Receipts Last 3 months bills
d. Last 3 payments received

Will I continue to receive printed bills and statements by mail?
We will continue to send a hardcopy of monthly (printed) bills until a certain period of time, which will be announced later.