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Please refer to the attached official notification from Ministry of Finance with regards to the imposition of goods and services tax at zero rated.

Enclosed are the related documents.

1.    Ministry of Finance Media Release
2.    Goods and Service Tax (Rate of Tax) (Amendment) Order 2018 (PU (A) 118 dated 16 May 2018
3.    Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) Transitional (dual language) Standard Rated (6%) to Zero Rated (0%)

Please take note that all current goods and supply (local and imported) standard rated (6%) will be zero rated (0%) with effect from 1 June 2018. Thus all system tax invoices are to use zero rated (0%) and this includes all front-end software for related Customs Declarations.

Changes that we have noted as of now are listed below:

1.    The GST Rate in all line of HS Tariff Code will be zero rated (0%) from the effective date.
2.    Customers will need to download the new HS Tariff Table accordingly before the effective cut of date.
3.    GST Rate and Value column 44 and 45 in the Customs Gazetted Form will be printed as zero rated (0%)

We will share more information upon receiving any notification from the authority.

For further assistance, please contact Careline at: 1300133133 or email:careline@dagangnet.com

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